Essential training

The Essential Training works like a big reset on all essential aspects of your life

Addressing and breaking old habits and patterns of thinking needed to awaken new inspiration and courage.

Essential Training

The Essential Training® is a life investment

The Essential Training® of Sinc® coaching includes 7 walking coaching sessions during which you start a renewal process in yourself, for your company or for any theme that requires change. The starting point is that you yourself are the most important ‘product’. That is where everything starts. Through the walking coaching you come into your own power, nothing is overlooked. This makes you look beyond your own limits and inspires you to make new choices.  The Sinc Essential Training® will put you in the ‘dug out’ of your business/life for a while and allow you to oversee your playing field. A surprising vision of new possibilities arises. 


Doing this helicopter view in nature not only gives you a new vision and essential input on a mental level, it also gives your physical body a boost in a literal sense. The information and experiences you receive make this a real-life investment. The first 7 walking coaching sessions form the basic training and stand-alone. After this, there is a follow-up possible to the advanced and master level. The timing is in consultation, with the note that this process requires process time. An exclamation from an enthusiastic manager: ‘Everyone should do this once. 


Walking boosts creativity

The Essential Training from Sinc® is the crucial 1st step

Your mind is your strongest weapon in the struggle that life just is at times. It is the fastest ‘vehicle’ of which there is no comparison to medication or therapy. Your mind has a speed faster than light. When you consciously upgrade your mind and treat it as your golden treasure, you literally take life into your own hands. It is the diamond in you that is often underestimated and overlooked. Yes still is! It is the hidden resource in your system despite these more conscious times. Your mind is the most important and number one place you need to go to vitalize yourself. You can do that without forcing yourself in the Essential Training. It has this name for a reason. You can make the impossible possible after this training 

You are definitely going to find a better path under the guidance of Sinc coaching. Many people have already gone before you. The format of the outdoor training is always playful so it always feels light what is being worked on.  The outdoor sessions lend themselves best to tackling the things that really matter on a basic level. Nature is a great help in making sure that something really comes up that you need to work on. At the same time nature also inspires to immediately look at all the possibilities for new directions and that gives new courage and perspective. This makes the outdoor sessions alert and awake and your self-confidence will grow.



Essential Training an esset if real life is your love.

Organic approach and on priorities

The Sinc approach ensures that you are always comfortable in your own skin and that what is needed first is tackled. Working on priorities is the starting point for all walks. Forcing is not in our dictionary. That does not mean that you will not be challenged. Confrontations are just part of it. Sinc’s specialty is that you won’t feel this way. This is what is meant by an organic approach. This ensures that you will naturally move into the next and better working setting. Your life starts to feel pleasant and seamless and fits like a well-fitting jacket or suit. The sessions ensure that no possibility is overlooked. Issues come to light that you haven’t thought of before.  Sinc® sees to it that these are possibilities that really fit you and your situation. That is one of the specialties of Sinc® coaching to look just a little further. Through years of experience and my broad intuitive development, it is possible to read between the lines and shine light on points that you yourself still or no longer see. Only when you see something you can do something about it. Your life and business will start to make sense through this approach. Sinc® never goes for a quick fix! This approach provides unique and therefore very appropriate new insights which are concrete and directly applicable in your life.

Have you become curious? 


The Walks are tailor-made and therefore specifically aimed at your personal situation. Your life is central to each training.
We work organically and on priorities. You will receive a message in advance with the location where we will meet.



Each Walk contains 2 to 5 blocks (one block can be about degree of realization to freedom) where you will gain information, exercises and experiences that will begin to give your life a new direction. You will work towards an In Sinc life.

To help you take action on the key points that always come up in the training, you will receive a WhatsApp or email (depending on your preference) with the topics after the training.



By mail you will receive an Exercise File with assignment backgrounds sometimes additional information to the training. The training provides a wealth of important information and to make sure you don’t miss anything, you can receive a personalized handbook online or in the mail. This way you always have a reference book. Ask about the possibilities.



Commitment and Openness

All you need to get the most out of this Essential Training is a commitment to change and an open mind. The training asks you to forget everything you have learned so far. The Essential Training is about creating a new future for your life. Then a clean slate is the best starting point. Nature, Moon and I will do the rest. 🙂

Are we going on this trip? Book the training, you won’t regret it. 

Essential Training

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There are 2 additional bonuses in fall 2021 

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